No one is an island.

From those that sweat in the hot summer sun thinning fruit from the vines, to those designing the labels and the countless people in between - Lost & Found requires a community to bring it to life.


Friends unite over their love for wine, people and design to  re-imagine a wine that celebrates the journey.

Happy to ignore the industry norms and confines, we’re looking out for you - our customers.

This journey will involve hard slog on vineyard slopes, hours turning grapes into wines, waiting …, bottling, labeling, partying, drinking plenty of wine, and getting on bringing you wines that deliver more than you could have imagined.

Thanks for coming along for the ride - it’ll be fun.



Tom Morton


I have been on the wine trail since before I could legally purchase a bottle. 

This has included growing, making, and  finally bringing

hand-crafted New Zealand wines to loyal customers. 

Wine is a testament to a time and place. It tells stories of its environment,

the year and the people. 

Countless experiences with my own family and friends are punctuated and remembered by the wine which we shared,  and I am wanting to create more of these experiences for our customers.

Lost and Found has been created for you in the hope that you, like me,  find the exploration and celebration in one of life's great pleasures. 


Sarah Wilson
Marketing officer

I'm originally from Wales,

an area not celebrated for its wine production.

My background is in creative writing, marketing and events management. Since emigrating to New Zealand, I have had so many opportunities in the areas of art, architecture, history and music - fields that I love for the stories they tell, the emotions they evoke and the individuality of interpretation. 


My personal passion is creative writing and I get very wrapped up in a good story which, of course, is all about the journey. 

When I heard about Lost and Found and its experience-based and customer-driven philosophy - the idea that good wine is not only about taste but should also evoke geography, memory and the spirit of adventure - I knew I had to be involved.

I am so excited to start our journey together...

unless there are spiders or mushrooms... then I'm out. 

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